About Me


Benedikt Schackenberg

  • Independent IT consultant born in 1980
  • computer experience since 1999
  • since 2007 Microsoft Trainer and Consultant for MS SQL Server

I love building software. I help developers, DBAs, and engineers build fast, robust, scalable solutions. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and if I receive another certification from Microsoft.

For a really good time, ask me about:

    • Reading query plans
    • Performance tuning tools & tips
    • High availability
    • Mixing tools and technology
    • Teaching SQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Database architecture and design patterns
    • Cloud computing and databases
    • Why hoarding knowledge is lame
    • Punk rock

Key areas : Talk to me about #DatabaseFreedom with AWS ,Solutions Architecture , MySQL, Postgres , SQL Server , SSIS, AWS Aurora , Database , Consulting , Serverless , Data Lakes , Containers , EKS , K8s, Spectrum , Athena , Sagemaker, Platform Architect , DBA , NewSQL , NoSQL, Public Cloud architecture and migration , DevOps initiatives , HA / DR , Linux ,Oracle, Microsoft, S3, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, Docker, VMware