Benedikt Schackenberg.


My name is Benedikt Schackenberg, I'm an Sql Server Engineer at Mainzer Datenfabrik. My main interests are computing related, I participate in several open source projects and enjoy security research. I started off my career as a system administrator taking care of big windows systems. Throughout my career, I became impressed with the power of data and databases; I figured out that a few well-formed lines of code in a database can lead to greater performance than tuning application code. I love building software. I help developers, DBAs, and engineers build fast, robust, scalable solutions. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and if I receive another certification from Microsoft.

SQL Server

I love query and index tuning, writing about SQL Server, and contributing to the community. I like to think of myself more like a coach than a consultant, bridging the gap between people you get to talk to once who give you a long list of things to do, and remote services that make you buy a ton of hours and use them or lose them.

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You can contact me at benedikt@mainzerdatenfabrik.de

You can follow me on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

I also answer questions for Stack Exchange Miles.

My pgp key is below, alternatively you can download it here, or finger me.